Make Health a Top PRIORITY 
 Create More Energy, Focus and Resilience !

Are You Up For The Challenge?

Focus on Yourself

Even when you know what to do to achieve mental and physical health, somehow you don’t do what you know.  Take 7 days to get back on track and put yourself in focus rather than everyone else.

Get Past Obstacles

During this process, we remove some of the barriers and give you tools to maintain a healthy lifestyle and live a happier and healthier life.

Follow The Path

The guided 7 days provide you with a plan for the week, with daily instructions to keep you focused and on track. This reboot will set you on a path that makes it easier to build off of.


We record and track your results to measure your starting point and your progress. These metrics clearly identify gaps and help you to set the right actions to close those gaps during and after your 7 day reboot.
  Penny Zenker: an international speaker, business strategy coach and best-selling author. 
I LOVE to help people be their best-self and achieve more! 

I am a motivationla speaker, strategic business coach, international speaker and trainer, and best-selling author. I am the creator of the "P10: Productivity Accelerator Program," a time and energy management system that teaches people about the 10 core drivers of productivity and the essential roles they play in success and fulfillment. For the first time in her career, after coaching several years for Tony Robbins clients, she is making the same tips and techniques that she uses with some of the most successful CEOs and Entrepreneurs in today's market available to everyone through her new book: The Productivity Zone! "Stop focusing on time and start managing our energy" 

I has been blessed with a unique depth and breadth of life experiences and business building. I built and later sold a multi-million dollar business to a public company, managed business turnarounds with one of the worlds largest Market Research firm, lived abroad for 16 years, and am an executive producer on a film project, WishMan. Cool stuff, right? Iwill help you step back, simplify how you look at things, and make better and easier decisions, and create more meaning in your life.

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