and Create More Control, Focus, Purpose and Still be More Profitable.
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Clarify and Manage Priorities

Create more clarity and control around your priorities. Understand how to find and focus on the 20% that get you 80% of the results.

Reduce Distractions

It is time to get more in control of where you spend your time. Take back your focus and take back your time.  I will help you with gatekeeper strategies to help you to avoid, reduce and even eliminate distractions.

Track Time

This may not be your favorite thing but it is an important part of the process to align your goals and tasks. This will give you more purpose and control over your time and your results.


We record and track your results in a few different ways to measure your starting point and your progress. These metrics clearly identify gaps and help you to set the right actions to close those gaps.

Results Speak for Themselves..

“Our first year together I doubled my business. By the end of this year we have brought in 30% more with 2 less people and me working less and profiting more.”

“I put your strategies into action and immediately felt more effective and efficient! … and I doubled my income.”

“Penny has the amazing knack to cut through the clutter and narrow down on the areas that add the most value so I can focus on the most important outcomes.”

“She was able to  take me to another level, to think bigger and see the unseen.”

“With one session, I felt like I was 80% more productive and effective”

“This has helped me open my eyes to spending time where I need to be spending it. 

Stop the Tug of War With Time!
In my very first job in accounting, I invested time in creating complex macros to consolidate multiple spreadsheets and reduce the repetitive monthly work I had to do so I could focus on the more interesting parts of my job.

That led me to starting my own technology company offering application development to automate repetitive processes, to deliver more value for customers, and for employees to spend time do more value added work.

You also want to free up your time to do what is most interesting or important.
I was good at doing this for others, but it was hard to do it for myself. I struggled for so many years with competing priorities and shiny penny syndrome!

I worked my ass off- 24 hour days. My brain tricked me to think that was the solution and that resulted in burnout.

Then I found my first true mentor and he taught me to get my head out of the weeds. Stepping back and constantly re-evaluating where I am and aligning my actions and my goals became my best practice. Unknowingly, it became the basis of this simple framework and my super power.
Step back and remove the complexity... it's amazing what you discover
He taught me how to step back and ask better questions to remove complexity and look at things more simply to really get it.

If you are ready to really be SMARTER and stop working harder, you need to start by understanding where you operational priorities are now, where you are distracted and how to live with more purpose and passion to make more impact in your work and at home while reducing the stress.

I am just like you, an ordinary person looking to do extraordinary things.

Where would you like to be spending more time? Traveling with your family, writing a book or making a movie, contributing more to charity, or expanding your business?

Let's do this together!
My BackgrounD
Penny Zenker
I LOVE to help people be their best-self, create more meaning in your life and the lives of others. That what productivity means to me.
I have been blessed with a unique depth and breadth of life experiences and business building. I built and later sold a multi-million dollar business to a public company, managed business turnarounds with one of the worlds largest Market Research firm, lived abroad for 16 years, and worked 5 years as a Tony Robbins business coach and have even been an executive producer on a film project, WishMan. 

Cool stuff, right! I learned the hard way what works and what doesn't and I have helped thousands to grow their business by  challenging how you think and inspire you to be your best. 

I help you step back, simplify how you look at things, and make better and easier decisions, and create more meaning in your life.

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